Testimonials: Makayla Scharf


My name is Makayla Scharf and I'm doing a double major in history and English with an honours at UVic, and I'm from Sooke which is about 30 minutes away from the university.

What inspired you to take this course?


Ah my focus in history in the WWII years, so I was really intrigued by the idea of studying a Canadian issue at home that is from that time period. It seemed to fit really well with my degree.


What made the biggest impact on you during the course?


I’d have to say it was being able to talk to actual former internees and also people who are in the redress movement, like Art Miki. Just being able to hear their story one on one—a lot of them in the places where they experienced that history, was super valuable, and something that I’ve never been able to come across before throughout the course of my agree, so that alone would have to be the highlight for me.


After experiencing the course, what would you tell a student who is considering taking it?


First thing you should do if you’re considering taking this course, is, make sure you budget time to do all the readings. More seriously, if you’re coming into this course, like me, from a background where you don't really have a whole lot of sense of a Canadian history, you should really just aim to keep an open mind; forgive yourself when you inevitably make mistakes when you’re talking to people—everyone is very forgiving—but the most important thing is definitely just to go in expecting to learn things and be open to asking questions and receiving answers, and just really willing to explore this topic in such a unique way that not many topics in history are able to be explored anymore.

Roxanne's Testimony

"Having this firsthand learning experience is really different than anything I have ever seen in a university class..."

Nathaniel's Testimony

"I think this topic a very important part of Canadian History. I think all Canadians should be aware of Japanese Canadian internment and dispossession."