Testimonials: Aya Timmer


Hi, I'm Aya and I'm a fourth-year history and gender studies student at the University of Victoria. 

What inspired you to take this course?


I've always had an interest in Japanese Canadian history, ever since I started taking Canadian history classes. I did not know much of the internment and dispossession before university and it shocked me to only learn about it in post-secondary. I'm glad that this course provided me an opportunity to strengthen my knowledge on this history. I don't have any family connections to anyone who was interned, but I want to keep this history alive and ongoing whether it's in the classroom or in casual conversation.   


What made the biggest impact on you during the course?


Being able to go to the locations of previous internment sites and talking to the people who experienced the hardships there will forever have an impact on me. I was also able to connect with other undergrad and grad history students for the very first time, as well as meet teachers from different parts of Canada. 


After experiencing the course, what would you tell a student who is considering taking it?


I would say go for it and apply! Don't feel intimidated if you don't know much of the history itself, I only had a basic understanding of the history of the internment and dispossession, and through the readings and helpful class discussions, I can really apply critical thinking and a deep understanding to these issues. Also, make sure you're good at keeping on top of readings!