I think all Canadians should be aware of Japanese Canadian internment and dispossession.


Nathaniel Hayes, grad student.



Makayla Scharf, undergraduate student.

I’d have to say it was being able to talk to actual former internees and also people who are in the redress movement, like Art Miki. Just being able to hear their stories one on one... was extremely valuable.

HelenIMG_1486 2.JPG


Roxanne Charlebois, teacher.

Having this first-hand leaning experience is really different than anything I have ever seen in a university class. It’s such a great experience to be able to work with the primary sources...



This is fantastic, particularly because it’s tied in with the tour of the interment sites, and the multi opportunities to interact with JCs.

Vivian Rygnestad, LOI Community Council Chair.


Helen Fitzgerald, undergraduate student.


I love Canadian history, and I think the Japanese Canadian internment and dispossession has been ignored and overlooked so when the opportunity arose to learn about it I couldn’t let it pass.


Natsuki Abe, undergraduate student.


Having a course at UVic talk about my family’s history is really important to me and an amazing opportunity so I was very excited to take it.


Aya Timmer, undergraduate student.


Being able to go to the locations of previous internment sites and talking to the people who experienced the hardships there will forever have an impact on me

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