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Testimonials: Helen Fitzgerald


Hi! My name is Helen, I'm going into my third year at UVic studying history and gender studies, and I'm from Powell River.

What inspired you to take this course?


I love Canadian history, and I think the Japanese Canadian internment and dispossession has been ignored and overlooked so when the opportunity arose to learn about it I couldn’t let it pass.


What made the biggest impact on you during the course?


The people. On the bus tour, we had many people who had personal connections to this history and some who had been interned and to see the sites with them and see their reactions and hear their stories was irreplaceable.


After experiencing the course, what would you tell a student who is considering taking it?


Take it! Be ready to learn and discuss, and you’ll gain so much. Not just historical knowledge but also in how you view history, you get to see it in the present instead of just something in the far away past.

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